About Us


Why we were born

During the 00′s Daniel Furberg was jealously watching how his friends’ freeride skis were being revolutionized, while the snowboard industry was passively watching. Long sidecut radius and camber under foot was combined with rocker and reverse sidecut towards the tip and tail of the skis. The result was skis that had better stability, floatation and were more effortless to ride. Simply put, freeride skiing was made simpler.

It seemed obvious that these principles would work for snowboards as well. So Daniel tried to convince the snowboard sponsor he had at the time, to try out some new shapes. But they didn’t show any interest.

So in 2009 Daniel Furberg founded Furberg Snowboards. The shape that revolutionized freeride skis turned out to work just as good on snowboards. Today Furberg Snowboards is considered to be maybe the most innovative snowboard brand on the market. And we constantly keep refining our boards for higher performance and better quality.

Sogndal, Norway

The advantage of our unique location

With the company based in Sogndal, Norway, we have the advantage of lift accessed riding and splitboarding 12 months a year. This makes it possible for us to work actively with product development all year around, where most brands are limited to the winter and occasional trips to the southern hemisphere. Furberg Snowboards was founded because of the lack of innovation in the snowboard industry, and Sogndal is the ideal place for us to keep pushing the development of freeride snowboards.


What we stand for

Furberg Snowboards was founded with the pursuit to make the world’s best freeride snowboards.

In order to do so we’ve been working closely with our team riders and ambassadors, but maybe most importantly our customers. Everyone who has ever bought a snowboard from us has been contacted to collect valuable feedback. We believe that in order to make the best possible products, it’s of great importance to get feedback from people with different riding style and level, and not only from professionals.

Thanks for all feedback we’ve got so far, and please keep contributing in our aim to develop the world’s best freeride snowboards.